Apple Watch market share blows away every other smartwatch, including Android Wear

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  Ashish Dhamala

There are a plethora of smartwatches and other wearables available today, but it appears that one device has far surpassed all the others. Canalys, independent analyst company, released its smart watch report for 2015, and let's just say the Apple Watch kicked some serious butt.


According to Canalys, Apple sold over 12 million Apple Watches during 2015. That's well above the seven million estimate that was reported in November 2015. The firm says that Apple"cashed in on holiday sales" with an additional five million units sold.


The total of 12 million units represents two-thirds of all smartwatch shipments. If that's not impressive enough, consider the fact that other manufacturers had a four-month head start, since the Apple Watch didn't debut until April 2015.


The Gear S2 performed better than previous Gear smartwatches to help Samsung take second place, followed by Pebble in third, and Huawei in fourth. Huawei is the only one of the four companies with an Android Wear smartwatch, so that doesn't bode well for Google. Unfortunately Canalys didn't release actual numbers for each of these companies.


This news comes at the heels of a report from Gartner Research, which estimates that 50 million smartwatches will be sold this year. This means that Apple could sell as many as 33 million smartwatches. on the admittedly uncertain assumption that the company continues to represent two-thirds of total sales.


Canalys also released numbe!s for basic bands, which consist primarily of fitness trackers. Sales of these wearables exceeded 37 million units during 2015, and showed Fitbit comfortably in the lead. Xiaomi came insecond placeafter shipping 12 million Mi Bands during 2015.


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