Nepalese NGO in Ending Gender Inequalities Conference in NC

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-Merokhabar Reporter/ Diyalo Pariwar, a Nepalese NGO from Narayangadh Chitwan participated in the conference entitled “Ending Gender Inequalities-Addressing the Nexus of HIV, Drug Use and Violence with Evidence Based Action” recently held in University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. RTI International, UN Women, The National Institute of Health, Sun Trust, and the University of North Carolina jointly organized the conference between April 12 and 13, 2016. The conference was the milestone for gender related issues for the NGO and development agencies who have been implementing and coordinating the activities to tackle the gender inequalities, HIV, Drug use and gender based violence. The conference has also discussed the issues on widening nexuses and coordinated efforts to address the problems in surfaces and behind the curtains.

Diyalo Pariwar has participated the conference through its Senior Board Member and Institutional Development Coordinator Mr. Sita Ram Bhatta. Mr. Bhatta has presented his poster presentation on Community Led Development Initiatives: Doing Gender the ‘Clever Way’. His paper has highlighted the Diyalo Pariwar’s innovative and community based initiatives to reducing the gender inequalities and violence in the communities. The conference organizers and many visitors have observed his posters and interacted about the ‘Clever Ways’ that Diyalo Pariwar has been initiating in Chitwan, Nepal. Mr. Bhatta also took part in the panel discussions and discussions forums and contributed through his long experiences in the field of HIV, Drug use and gender initiatives. Mr. Bhatta was only the participant from Nepal and has greatly utilized this kind of international forum to facilitate the development activities being carried out by the various agencies in Nepal. Mr. Bhatta was sharing that the conference helped to widening the ideas and knowledge that could be helpful to replicate some effective activities in Chitwan through Diyalo’s project activities.